Dear friends,

Hello! Thank you for taking a minute to look over my blog and coming to meet me.

So, who am I?

I’m a daughter of God, a wife to a hard-working, adventure-loving stud, the mom to my favorite little girl, and a hippie who just can’t give up my deodorant. I’ve got Yankee blood but after spending most of my life in Florida I’ve learned the beach and sunshine make a much better habitat for me. So we put down our roots here in Jacksonville and have been making it our home. We have blurred the lines between friends and family and love to keep our house full. One of our biggest sources of joy is feeding people around our table and living life with our community.

I love creating. I love transformation. I love anything I can step back from and say “look what I made!” I love to cook and over the years have learned about real food and how much better we feel when we eat it. My husband has taught me to love running and adventure. And adventure is the best word we have to describe our life. Always planning the next trip while holding onto memories from the last, never keeping a weekend open, constantly finding reasons to celebrate life.

I love photography. I love meeting new people and celebrating with you. I love helping you make memories. I love “freezing” your life so you can come back over and over again to reminisce and relive the moments.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you and yours. Please contact me at hailey@haileyfelicia.com for more information.





I thought this picture would give you a good summary of who I am. This picture was taken while photographing a ninth grade camping trip for a local school. Our family has been three years now and we LOVE it. The photo is after a short hike down to the rapids where the students come down the biggest rapid of their rafting trip. As you can tell, it is pretty tiring for the littlest of our bunch. This picture shows our love for being together as a family, working together, being in the outdoors, and traveling.

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